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Surface Water Quality Monitoring in the Geronimo and Alligator Creeks Watershed to Support the Implementation of the Geronimo and Alligator Creeks Watershed Protection Plan


Project Background: In 2007, the TSSWCB Regional Watershed Coordination Steering Committee, using established criteria, ranked Geronimo Creek in the top 3 watersheds for selection of WPP development. Since that time the WPP has been completed and accepted by EPA.

Project Objective:The monitoring program will collect additional data, look for trends and fill data gaps identified in projects 08-06, 11-06 and 14-09.

Project Participants: TSSWCB and GBRA

Project Costs: State: $60,719

Project Workplan:17-57

Project QAPP: 17-57

Final Report: 17-57

Project Website:

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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