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Water Quality Complaint Resolution


The TSSWCB is responsible for investigating and resolving water quality complaints resulting from agricultural or silvicultural nonpoint sources (unregulated). If you are reporting a water quality complaint from a regulated (permitted) entity, or a nonagricultural or nonsilvicultural activity, please contact the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The TCEQ website maintains a comprehensive environmental complaint reporting page that is very useful in determining which governmental entity should receive your complaint.

Complaints filed with the TCEQ that concern a violation of a water quality management plan (WQMP) certified by the TSSWCB under Agriculture Code §201.026 and complaints concerning a violation of a law or rule relating to agricultural or silvicultural nonpoint source pollution are referred to the TSSWCB. Once referred, the TSSWCB and the appropriate local soil and water conservation district (SWCD) will investigate the complaint. On completion of the investigation, the TSSWCB and local SWCD will make a determination that further action is not warranted, or the responsible party must develop and implement a corrective action plan to address the complaint. In most cases, the corrective action plan results in a modification to an existing WQMP, a new WQMP being developed, or an emphasis being placed on the management of the existing WQMP with consequences communicated to the responsible party. These consequences could include being forced to return financial aid furnished through the TSSWCB for assistance in originally implementing the WQMP, or the removal of certification upon a subsequent violation. If the person about whom the complaint has been made fails or refuses to take corrective action, the TSSWCB will refer the complaint to the TCEQ.

If you are reporting a water quality complaint that is the result of an agricultural or silvicultural nonpoint source activity, please contact the appropriate TSSWCB Regional Office. If you are unsure if the complaint should be directed to the TSSWCB, please describe the situation to our Regional Office staff and they will advise you.

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