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Staff Directory

State Headquarters - Temple, Texas

Address: 1497 Country View Lane, Temple, TX 76504
Phone Number: (254) 773-2250; (800) 792-3485
Fax Number: (254) 773-3311

Board Members

Name Position
Barry Mahler Chairman V
Marty H. Graham Vice-Chairman II
Scott Buckles Member I
José Dodier, Jr. Member III
David Basinger Member IV
Carl Ray Polk Jr. Governor Appointee Statewide
Tina Y. Buford Governor Appointee Statewide

Executive Management

Name Position Email Ext.
Rex Isom Executive Director risom [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Rex) 0

SWCD Field Services - Field Representatives

Name POsition
Jack Foote Field Representative I jfoote [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jack)
Ben Wilde Field Representative II bwilde [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ben)
Kendria Ray Field Representative II kray [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kendria)
Adrian Perez Field Representative III aperez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Adrian)
Tony Franklin Field Representative III tfranklin [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Tony)
Joel Clark Field Representative IV jclark [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Joel)
Trey Watson Field Representative IV twatson [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Trey)
Don Brandenberger Field Representative Coordinator V dbrandenberger [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Don)
Charlie Upchurch Field Representative V cupchurch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Charlie)

Operations and Fiscal Services

Name Position Email Ext.
Kenny Zajicek Operating and Fiscal Officer kzajicek [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kenny)


Name Position Email Ext.
Pamela Manuel Accountant pmanuel [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Pamela) 255
Karen Preece Accountant kpreece [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Karen) 245
Anita Brazzle Accountant abrazzle [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Anita) 258
Lina Nemeth Accountant lnemeth [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lina) 226
Vicki Davis Accounting Specialist vdavis [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Vicki) 253
Yolanda Brown Contract Specialist ybrown [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Yolanda) 254
Amy Devereaux Fiscal Services adevereaux [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Amy) 221

Human Resources and Payroll 

Name Position Email Ext.
Steven Andrews Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator sandrews [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Steven) 227

Public Information and Education

Name Position Email Ext.
Rusty Ray Public Affairs Specialist rray [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Rusty) 228



Name Position Email Ext.
Molly Christensen Public Affairs Specialist mchristensen [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Molly) 254-228-7881

Information Resources and Technology

Name Position Email Ext.
Shannon Kennedy Information Technology Coordinator skennedy [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Shannon) 249
Clay Wright Information Resources Manager and Information Security Officer cwright [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Clay) n/a

Geographic Information Systems

Name Position Email Ext.
Dave Morris Geographic Information Specialist dmorris [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Dave) 230

Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs

Name Position Email Ext.
John Foster Policy Advisor and Intergovernmental Affairs (Lead) jfoster [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact John) 235
Liza Parker Policy Analyst and Legislative Liaison lparker [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Liza) 247

Invasive Species and Water Supply Enhancement 

Phone Number: (325) 481-0335
Fax Number: (325) 481-0584

Name Position Email
Johnny Oswald Program Administrator and Invasive Species Coordinator (Lead) joswald [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Johnny)
Kim York Contract Specialist kyork [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kim)

Flood Control Programs and Engineering

Name Position Email Ext.
Steve Bednarz Program Administrator and Engineer (Lead) sbednarz [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Steve) 246
Ronnie Skala Engineer rskala [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ronnie) 242
Allen Nash Engineer anash [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Allen) 230
Tony Resendez Flood Control Specialist tresendez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Tony) 979-676-6583
Jared Bowen Flood Control Specialist jbowen [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jared) 325-248-1888
Mitch Conine Project Manager mconine [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mitch) 233
Loren Warrick Program Specialist lwarrick [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Loren) 248
Lee Munz Flood Control Programs Coordinator lmunz [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lee) 241


Nonpoint Source Management Program

Name Position Email Ext.
TJ Helton Program Administrator (Lead) thelton [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact TJ) 234
Mitch Conine Project Manager mconine [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mitch) 233
Wesley Gibson Project Manager wgibson [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Wesley) 240
Jana Lloyd Project Manager jlloyd [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jana) 224
Emily Jarratt Project Manager ejarratt [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Emily) 229
Jett Preston Project Manager tpreston [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jett) 232
Brian Koch Regional Watershed Coordinator bkoch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Brian) n/a
Ronnie Ramirez Planner rramirez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ronnie) n/a

Water Quality Management Plan Program and Regional Offices

Name Position Email Ext.
Lee Munz Program Administrator and Regional Office Coordinator (Lead) lmunz [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lee) 241

Dublin Regional Office

Address: 611 East Blackjack Street, Dublin, TX 76446-2321
Phone Number: (254) 445-4814; (254) 445-4815
Fax Number: (254) 445-4819

Name Position Email
Todd Oneth Program Supervisor toneth [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Todd)
Chris Couch Natural Resources Specialist ccouch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Chris)
Mikel Thomas Natural Resources Specialist mthomas [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mikel)
SuLin Olvera Administrative Assistant solvera [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact SuLin)

Hale Center Regional Office

Mailing Address: PO Box 848, Hale Center, TX 79041-0848
Physical Address: 1201 Avenue E, Hale Center, TX 79041
Phone Number: (806) 839-1030
Fax Number: (806) 839-1323

Name Position Email
Glenn Baker Program Supervisor gbaker [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Glenn)
Jimmy McCurry Natural Resources Specialist jmccurry [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jimmy)
Mark Shackelford Engineering Technician mshackelford [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mark)
Marilyn Koelder Administrative Assistant mkoelder [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Marilyn)

Harlingen Regional Office

Address: 1824 West Jefferson Avenue, Suite A, Harlingen, TX 78550-5247
Phone Number: (956) 421-5841
Fax Number: (956) 421-5853

Name Position Email
Ricardo Chapa Program Supervisor rchapa [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ricardo)
Ronnie Ramirez Planner rramirez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ronnie)
Fidencio Mesa Planner fmesa [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Fidencio)
Laura Tijerina Administrative Assistant ltijerina [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Laura)

Mount Pleasant Regional Office

Address: 1809 West Ferguson Road, Suite B, Mount Pleasant, TX 75455-2955
Phone Number: (903) 572-4471; (903) 572-4472
Fax Number: (903) 572-4897

Name Position Email
Kim Gamez Program Supervisor kgamez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kim)

San Angelo Regional Office

Address: 3129 Executive Drive, San Angelo, TX 76904
Phone Number: (325) 949-3213; (325) 949-3246
Fax Number: (325) 949-3767

Name Position Email
Judy Albus Program Supervisor jalbus [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Judy)
Melissa Grote Program Specialist mgrote [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Melissa)
Pamela Blanton Administrative Assistant pblanton [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Pamela)

Wharton Regional Office

Address: 1120 Hodges Lane, Wharton, TX 77488-4328
Phone Number: (979) 532-9496; (979) 532-9497
Fax Number: (979) 532-8765

Name Position Email
Lawrence Brown, Jr. Program Supervisor lbrown [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lawrence)
Jeff Cerny Natural Resources Specialist jcerny [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jeff)
Brian Koch Regional Watershed Coordinator bkoch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Brian)
Kirk House Engineering Technician khouse [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kirk)

Poultry Water Quality Management Plan Program Office

Address: 2200 Northwest Stallings Drive, Suite 102, Nacogdoches, TX 75964-3070
Phone Number: (936) 462-7020
Fax Number: (936) 462-7009

Name Position Email
Mark Cochran Program Supervisor mcochran [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mark)
April Sease Natural Resources Specialist asease [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact April)
Jeremy Welch Natural Resources Specialist jwelch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jeremy)
Teresa Reese Natural Resources Specialist (Buffalo) treese [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Teresa)
Troy Freeman Natural Resources Specialist (Gonzales) tfreeman [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Troy)
Debbie Skinner Administrative Assistant dskinner [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Debbie)

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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