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Staff Directory

State Headquarters - Temple, Texas

Address: 1497 Country View Lane, Temple, TX 76504
Phone Number: (254) 773-2250; (800) 792-3485
Fax Number: (254) 773-3311

Board Members

Name Position
Marty H. Graham Chairman II
David Basinger Vice-Chairman IV
Scott Buckles Member I
José Dodier, Jr. Member III
Barry Mahler Member  V
Carl Ray Polk Jr. Governor Appointee Statewide
Tina Y. Buford Governor Appointee Statewide

Executive Management

Name Position Email Ext.
Rex Isom Executive Director risom [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Rex) 0

SWCD Field Services - Field Representatives

Name POsition
Jack Foote Field Representative I jfoote [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jack)
Ricky Johnson Field Representative I rjohnson [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ricky)
Ben Wilde Field Representative II bwilde [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ben)
Kendria Ray Field Representative II kray [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kendria)
Adrian Perez Field Representative III aperez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Adrian)
Tony Franklin Field Representative III tfranklin [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Tony)
Joel Clark Field Representative IV jclark [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Joel)
Trey Watson Field Representative IV twatson [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Trey)
Don Brandenberger Field Representative Coordinator V dbrandenberger [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Don)
Charlie Upchurch Field Representative V cupchurch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Charlie)

Operations and Fiscal Services

Name Position Email Ext.
Kenny Zajicek Operating and Fiscal Officer kzajicek [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kenny)


Name Position Email Ext.
Pamela Manuel Accountant pmanuel [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Pamela) 255
Karen Preece Accountant kpreece [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Karen) 245
Anita Brazzle Accountant abrazzle [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Anita) 258
Lina Nemeth Accountant lnemeth [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lina) 226
Vicki Davis Accounting Specialist vdavis [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Vicki) 253
Yolanda Brown Contract Specialist ybrown [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Yolanda) 254
Amy Devereaux Fiscal Services adevereaux [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Amy) 221

Human Resources and Payroll 

Name Position Email Ext.
Steven Andrews Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator sandrews [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Steven) 227

Communications & Outreach

Name Position Email Ext.
Molly Christensen Communications & Outreach Coordinator mchristensen [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Molly) 254-228-7881
Ellie Larson Public Affairs Specialist elarson [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ellie) 228

Information Resources and Technology

Name Position Email Ext.
Shannon Kennedy Information Technology Coordinator skennedy [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Shannon) 249
Clay Wright Information Resources Manager and Information Security Officer cwright [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Clay) n/a

Geographic Information Systems

Name Position Email
Dave Morris Geographic Information Specialist dmorris [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Dave)

Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs

Name Position Email Ext.
John Foster Policy Advisor and Intergovernmental Affairs (Lead) jfoster [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact John) 235
Liza Parker Policy Analyst and Legislative Liaison lparker [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Liza) 247

Carrizo Cane Eradication Program

Phone Number: (325) 481-0335
Fax Number: (325) 481-0584

Name Position Email
Johnny Oswald Program Administrator and Invasive Species Coordinator (Lead) joswald [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Johnny)
Kim York Contract Specialist kyork [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kim)

Flood Control Programs and Engineering

Name Position Email Ext.
Steve Bednarz Program Administrator and Engineer (Lead) sbednarz [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Steve) 246
Ronnie Skala Engineer rskala [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ronnie) 242
Allen Nash Engineer anash [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Allen) 230
Tony Resendez Flood Control Specialist tresendez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Tony) 979-676-6583
Jared Bowen Flood Control Specialist jbowen [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jared) 325-248-1888
Mitch Conine Project Manager mconine [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mitch) 233
Loren Warrick Program Specialist lwarrick [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Loren) 248
Lee Munz Flood Control Programs Coordinator lmunz [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lee) 241


Nonpoint Source Management Program

Name Position Email Ext.
TJ Helton Program Administrator (Lead) thelton [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact TJ) 234
Mitch Conine Project Manager mconine [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mitch) 233
Jana Lloyd Project Manager jlloyd [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jana) 224
Jett Preston Project Manager tpreston [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jett) 232
Brian Koch Regional Watershed Coordinator bkoch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Brian) n/a
Ronnie Ramirez Planner rramirez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ronnie) n/a

Water Quality Management Plan Program and Regional Offices

Name Position Email Ext.
Lee Munz Program Administrator and Regional Office Coordinator (Lead) lmunz [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lee) 241

Dublin Regional Office

Address: 611 East Blackjack Street, Dublin, TX 76446-2321
Phone Number: (254) 445-4814; (254) 445-4815
Fax Number: (254) 445-4819

Name Position Email
Todd Oneth Program Supervisor toneth [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Todd)
Chris Couch Natural Resources Specialist ccouch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Chris)
Mikel Thomas Natural Resources Specialist mthomas [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mikel)
SuLin Olvera Administrative Assistant solvera [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact SuLin)

Hale Center Regional Office

Mailing Address: PO Box 848, Hale Center, TX 79041-0848
Physical Address: 1201 Avenue E, Hale Center, TX 79041
Phone Number: (806) 839-1030
Fax Number: (806) 839-1323

Name Position Email
Glenn Baker Program Supervisor gbaker [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Glenn)
Jimmy McCurry Natural Resources Specialist jmccurry [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jimmy)
Mark Shackelford Engineering Technician mshackelford [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mark)
Marilyn Koelder Administrative Assistant mkoelder [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Marilyn)

Harlingen Regional Office

Address: 1826 West Jefferson Avenue, Harlingen, TX 78550-5247
Phone Number: (956) 421-5841
Fax Number: (956) 421-5853

Name Position Email
Ricardo Chapa Program Supervisor rchapa [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ricardo)
Ronnie Ramirez Planner rramirez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Ronnie)
Fidencio Mesa Planner fmesa [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Fidencio)
Laura Tijerina Administrative Assistant ltijerina [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Laura)

Mount Pleasant Regional Office

Address: 1809 West Ferguson Road, Suite B, Mount Pleasant, TX 75455-2955
Phone Number: (903) 572-4471; (903) 572-4472
Fax Number: (903) 572-4897

Name Position Email
Kim Gamez Program Supervisor kgamez [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kim)
Jeff Gatlin Natural Resources Specialist jgatlin [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jeff)
Megan Cirkles Natural Resources Specialist mcirkles [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Megan)

San Angelo Regional Office

Address: 3129 Executive Drive, San Angelo, TX 76904
Phone Number: (325) 949-3213; (325) 949-3246
Fax Number: (325) 949-3767

Name Position Email
Judy Albus Program Supervisor jalbus [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Judy)
Melissa Grote Program Specialist mgrote [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Melissa)
David Reyes Natural Resources Specialist dreyes [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact David)
Pamela Blanton Administrative Assistant pblanton [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Pamela)

Wharton Regional Office

Address: 1120 Hodges Lane, Wharton, TX 77488-4328
Phone Number: (979) 532-9496; (979) 532-9497
Fax Number: (979) 532-8765

Name Position Email
Lawrence Brown, Jr. Program Supervisor lbrown [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Lawrence)
Jeff Cerny Natural Resources Specialist jcerny [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jeff)
Brian Koch Regional Watershed Coordinator bkoch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Brian)
Kirk House Engineering Technician khouse [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Kirk)

Poultry Water Quality Management Plan Program Office

Address: 2200 Northwest Stallings Drive, Suite 102, Nacogdoches, TX 75964-3070
Phone Number: (936) 462-7020
Fax Number: (936) 462-7009

Name Position Email
Mark Cochran Program Supervisor mcochran [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Mark)
April Sease Natural Resources Specialist asease [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact April)
Jeremy Welch Natural Resources Specialist jwelch [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Jeremy)
Teresa Reese Natural Resources Specialist (Buffalo) treese [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Teresa)
Troy Freeman Natural Resources Specialist (Gonzales) tfreeman [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Troy)
Debbie Skinner Administrative Assistant dskinner [at] tsswcb [dot] texas [dot] gov (Contact Debbie)

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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