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La Nana Bayou WPP Implementation

Project Goals/Objectives: The project team will facilitate effective implementation of the La Nana Bayou WPP by providing technical expertise and support to watershed residents that are looking forward to working on the opportunities presented in the WPP. Education and outreach activities will detail the importance of achieving water quality standards in La Nana Bayou and the value of adopting BMPs. The project team will also provide support to stakeholders by identifying potential funding sources and developing proposals to ensure the future sustainability of project activities. Additional water quality monitoring data will be collected to expand the existing CRP monitoring schedule once an approved monitoring QAPP is secured. SFASU will monitor monthly at 21 sites along La Nana Bayou and Banita Creek, collecting grab samples for E. coli analysis, which will provide higher resolution geographical data to track bacteria loading by land use.

Project Location: Nacogdoches Tx, Nacogdoches County

Project Partners: TSSWCB, TWRI, ANRA, SFASU

Project Costs: $136,667

Project Workplan: 23-55

Project QAPP: 23-55

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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