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Matagorda Basin Water Quality Monitoring

Project Goals/Objectives: Supplemental water quality monitoring will be conducted to fill in the months between existing Clean Rivers Program (CRP) quarterly monitoring. Bacteria and nutrient data will be collected at seven existing CRP sites between the three watersheds. The three watersheds included in this project consist of both tidal and above-tidal segments so both E. coli and Enterococcus will be the bacteria parameters analyzed. Field parameters to be collected include pH, temperature, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Conventional parameters to be collected include total suspended solids, turbidity, nitrate-nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, total kjeldahl nitrogen, and total phosphorus. This additional monitoring will supplement existing data, by having a more robust temporal dataset spanning a greater range of climatic and seasonal variations; thus, filling in data gaps and improving our understanding of the status surface water quality of these watersheds during the ongoing implementation of the WPPs.


Project Location: Carancahua Bay, Lavaca River, and Tres Palacios watersheds, including Lavaca County, Jackson County, Wharton County, Matagorda County, Gonzales County, Fayette County, and Victoria County

Project Partners: Texas A&M AgriLife Research- Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI), Lavaca-Navidad River Authority (LNRA)

Total Costs: $200,050 (Federal); $133,367 (Non-Federal); $333,417 (Total)

Project Workplan: 22-06

Project QAPP: 22-06

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