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Coordinating Implementation of the Upper Llano Watershed Protection Plan

Project Goals/Objectives: Through a local presence in Upper Llano watershed (see map below), the watershed coordinator will serve as the primary conduit for interaction with landowners, citizens, and entities to facilitate the implementation of the WPP. The watershed coordinator will coordinate meetings with the Upper Llano WCC and stakeholders, to update them, seek their input and recommendations on needed activities, and continue to support and facilitate implementation efforts of the plan. The watershed coordinator will assist the communities, counties, local boards and businesses to acquire resources to enable WPP implementation. The watershed coordinator will work with state and federal agencies, as appropriate, to bring technical and financial assistance to the watershed.

Project Background:The Upper Llano is currently a healthy ecosystem supporting a variety of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as numerous recreational opportunities. However, a number of threats to this critical resource do exist. According to “Land of the Living Waters: A Characterization of the South Llano River, Its Springs, and Its Watershed” prepared by the Environmental Defense Fund, the primary threat to the South Llano River is loss of spring flow. Subtle changes due to land fragmentation, loss of riparian habitat, and encroachment of juniper species on upland habitats also have the potential to decrease the water quality and quantity of the river. Additionally, there is potential for increased biological pollution and reduction in flows should what are now isolated pockets of invasive plants [giant reed (Arundo donax) and elephant ears (Colocasia esculenta)] continue to spread.

Project Location: Upper Llano River watershed in Edwards, Kerr, Kimble, Menard, Real, and Sutton Counties

 Project Costs: Federal ($204,115); Non-Federal ($143,378) ; Project Total ($347,493)

Project Participants: TSSWCB, Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas Tech University- Llano River Field Station, Texas Tech University- Water Resources Center, Texas AgriLife Extension Service- Department of Ecosystem Sciences & Management, South Llano Watershed Alliance, Texas AgriLife Extension Service- Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University- Spatial Sciences Laboratory

Project Website

Project Workplan15-11

Past Project: 11-04

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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