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Field Validation of the Texas Phosphorus Index in the Poultry Areas of Texas

Project Goals/Objectives: Determine the effects of selected soil to measure and predict phosphorus runoff; Compare and correlate Mehlich III and soil solution soluble phosphorus extracts to runoff phosphorus; Validate and/or modify Texas Phosphorus Index as a predictive tool for classification of field sites relative to phosphorus loss potential; Evaluate the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality soil sampling guidance for soil test phosphorus reproducibility.

Project Location: Poultry producing areas of Texas including area from Sulfur Springs to Mt. Pleasant to Nacogdoches (segments such as 0306,0404,0404B, 0505, 0505B, 0506, 0512A, 0512B, 0604A, 0604B, 0606A, 0610A, 0611, 0611A, 0611B, 0611C, 0612B, and 0615) to include Sam Rayburn Reservoir (0610), Lake O' the Pines area (0402, 0403, 0404, 0404B), area around Brazos County (such as 1242, 1242K, 1242L, 1242M, 1242P, and 1247A) and area around Gonzales County (such as 1803B and 1803C).

Project Costs: Federal ($390,657), Non-Federal Match ($273,694), Total Project ($664,351)

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Texas Water Resources Institute, and Natural Resources Conservation Service

Project Workplan: 04-04

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 04-04

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