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Continued Restoration of Coastal Prairie Wetland at Sheldon Lake State Park

Project Goals/Objectives:

  • Support implementation of the Galveston Bay Plan by restoring 57.2 acres of coastal prairie wetlands at Sheldon Lake State Park
  • Utilize innovative BMPs to demonstrate cost-efficient water quality abatement through wetland restoration
  • Engage citizens in water resources management through direct involvement in wetland restoration work to increase knowledge about function of wetlands
  • Promote adoption of wetland restoration by other entities through the use of field days and educational materials
  • Coordinate and conduct water resources and related environmental outreach/education efforts across the watershed

Project Location: Sheldon Lake State Park in Carpenter’s Bayou Watershed in Harris County

Project Cost: Federal ($404,204); Non Federal Match ($235,548); Total Project ($639,752)

Project Participants: TSSWCB, Texas AgriLife Extension Service- Sea Grant Program, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Master Naturalist Program

Project Workplan: 13-03 

For more information on the restoration visit:

Check out the project YouTube video:
Prairie Wetland Restoration at Sheldon Lake State Park

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