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Best Management Practice (BMP) Verification in the Richland-Chambers Watershed

Project Goals/Objectives: The goals of the project are to verify the effectiveness of nutrient Best Management Practices (BMPs) installed on a portion (Mill Creek) of the Richland-Chambers reservoir watershed to provide supporting information for BMP implementation within the entire Richland-Chambers reservoir watershed.

Project Location: Richland Creek, Segment 0837; Chambers Creek, Segment 0814; and Richland-Chambers reservoir, Segment 0836

Project Costs: Federal ($237,722); Non-Federal Match ($160,026); Total Project ($397,748)

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB, Texas AgriLife Research at Blackland Research and Extension Center and Texas A&M Spatial Science Laboratory

Project Workplan: 04-18

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 04-18

Project Final Report: 04-18

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