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Recreational Use Attainability Analysis for Aransas Creek

Project Background: Aransas Creek reaches 20 miles from the confluence of the Aransas River northeast of Skidmore to the headwaters of the stream west of Beeville. The Aransas Creek watershed is largely rural ranchland with no major communities. Tributaries to Aransas Creek include Dry Creek, Elm Creek, and Olmos Creek.

This project consists of performing a Comprehensive RUAA on Aransas Creek (Segment 2004A) for the purpose of ascertaining the level of recreational use occurring in the bayou. This project will adhere to the procedures provided in the TCEQ Procedures for a Comprehensive RUAA and a Basic RUAA Survey.

This Comprehensive RUAA of Aransas Creek consists of 3 main tasks: a) conducting the required two surveys of Aransas Creek, b) public participation and stakeholder interaction, and c) evaluation of historical bacterial water quality data and survey of possible bacteria sources.

Project Location: Aransas Creek (Segment 2004A)

Project Costs: Federal ($0); State ($125,402); Total Project: ($125,402)

Project Participation: TSSWCB, Nueces River Authority

Project Workplan: 11-52

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 11-52 

Project Fact Sheet 

Final Reports:

RUAA Report

Historical Water Quality, Source Survey and GIS Inventory Report 

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