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TSSWCB Offers Funding to Landowners

TEMPLE - The Water Quality Management Program (WQMP) is administered by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB), in close coordination with the 216 Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) located throughout the State. The TSSWCB has been implementing WQMPs since the mid-1990s and has certified over 14,000 plans across the State of Texas. The TSSWCB currently has statewide funds available to assist landowners in executing WQMPs and ensuring the continued viability of natural resources.

A WQMP serves as a site-specific, voluntary plan specially crafted for agricultural or silvicultural lands, meticulously developed and approved by SWCDs. This plan encompasses a range of land treatment practices, production methods, management measures, innovative technologies, or combinations thereof, all with the overarching goal of attaining pollution prevention or abatement in alignment with Texas water quality standards. 

The development of a WQMP is provided free of charge. However, it's important to note that there may be expenses associated with implementing certain practices specified within the WQMP. The TSSWCB takes an active role in supporting landowners by offering financial assistance in the form of cost-share funding. Cost-share funding represents a financial incentive, designed to motivate and support eligible individuals in implementing land improvement measures for conservation. While not the primary driver of the WQMP program, this financial assistance can play a vital role in facilitating its success. You can access a full list of practices eligible for cost-share assistance can be found here

Having a certified WQMP not only reassures landowners that their agricultural and land management practices align with state water quality standards, but it also demonstrates compliance with Texas's rules and regulations concerning water quality. Additionally, certified participants gain access to benefits such as confidentiality and financial assistance to help execute their WQMP effectively. 

The TSSWCB maintains regional offices in strategic areas of the State to administer the WQMP Program. To identify the appropriate TSSWCB Regional Office for a specific county go to:

To locate your local SWCD:

For more information about the WQMP Program and funding assistance:

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