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Agricultural Education and Outreach Implementation of the Arroyo Colorado Watershed Protection Plan

Project Goals/Objectives: Project activities center on three goals to address impairments within the watershed. The first is education and outreach activities and workshops dedicated to providing the necessary information to the agricultural community. This includes public outreach and education on financial incentives to ensure long-term sustainability and encourage participation and adoption of BMPs. Second, TWRI will work to identify and compile materials on technologies and management strategies to address nutrient runoff and salinity in irrigation water at the field level. Finally, TWRI will track the implementation of BMPs and management measure implementation identified in the ACWPP Update. This is vital for coordination of stakeholder efforts and evaluation for future improvements.

Project Location: Arroyo Colorado Watershed; Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy counties

Project Partners: TSSWCB, Texas AM AgriLife Research- Texas Water Resources Institute, Texas A&M AgriLife- District 12 Research and Extension Center, Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board- Harlingen Regional Office (HRO) and Southmost Soil and Water Conservation District #319 and Hidalgo Soil and Water Conservation District #350 (SWCD)

Total Costs: $200,970 (Federal); $133,980 (Non-Federal); $334,950 (Total)

Project Workplan: 22-04

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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