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Modeling Atrazine in Seven Texas Watersheds

Project Goals/Objectives: Collect GIS, landuse, management, and measured data for seven Texas watersheds; Calibrate watershed model to measured flow, sediment, and atrazine; Simulate atrazine load for current conditions; Assume application of BMPs on all cropland, and simulate atrazine load for treated condition.

Project Location: Aquilla Reservoir, Segment 1254; Little River, Segment 1213; Bardwell Reservoir, Segment 0815; Lake Waxahachie, Segment 0816; Lake Lavon, Segment 0821; Richland Chambers Reservoir, Segment 0836; Lake Tawakoni, Segment 0507

Project Costs: Federal ($158,400); Non-Federal Match ($0); Total Project ($158,400)

Project Participant(s):  Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Water Resources Assessment Team

Final Report: 03-16

Project Workplan: 03-16

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 03-16

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