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Assessment of Contact Recreation Use Impairments and Watershed Planning for Five Tributaries of the Little Brazos River

Project Goals/Objectives: To assess contact recreation use impairments and support watershed planning for five tributaries of the Little Brazos River by 1) facilitating public participation and coordinating stakeholder involvement in decision-making, 2) developing a comprehensive GIS inventory and conducting a watershed source survey, and 3) collecting water quality monitoring data.

Project Location: Robertson County, Little Brazos River Tributaries (Campbells Creek-Segment 1242I, Mud Creek-Segment 1242K, Pin Oak Creek-Segment 1242L, Spring Creek-Segment 1242M, Walnut Creek-Segment 1242O)

Project Costs: Federal $0; State $262,232; Cooperator Match $0; Total Project $262,232

Project Website

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB, Brazos River Authority

Project Workplan: 08-54

Project QAPP: 08-54

RUAA Report: 08-54

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