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Watershed Coordinator Development Program

Project Goals/Objectives: TWRI has assembled and will continue to coordinate closely with a Project Team made up of university, TSSWCB, TCEQ, EPA, and TIAER personnel. This Project Team guided the development of the Texas Watershed Planning Short Course (WPSC) and continues to guide the delivery of the WPSC to water resource professionals throughout Texas. This Project Team meets and will continue to meet biannually to review planned and ongoing project activities and provide recommendations and guidance.

This Project Team has been and will continue to be involved in the delivery of the WPSC. This course was developed to train watershed planners on how to develop each of the nine key elements of a watershed protection plan (WPP). One or two Short Courses will be offered during the project depending on need. Participation to date in the WPSC has ranged from 18-45 people including attendees from out of state. Our goal will be to educate additional water resource professionals in Texas and the surrounding region about watershed planning. Experts from around the nation will continue to be brought in to discuss such topics as obtaining stakeholder involvement, developing WPP sections, identifying appropriate best management practices (BMPs), designing a monitoring program, and finding funding resources for implementing a WPP. Additionally, stakeholder involvement through such State programs as the Texas Watershed Steward Program, Texas Well Owner Network, Texas Riparian and Stream Ecosystem Education and Texas Stream Team are also highlighted.

Project Location: Statewide

Project Partners: TSSWCB, TCEQ, TWRI, USDA, TIAER, EPA, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension-Dallas Center, TAMU SSL, Tarrant Regional Water District, Independent Contractor, Practical Stats, and Tetra Tech

Project Costs: Federal ($292, 401), Non-Federal Match ($194,934); Total ($487,335)

Project Workplan: 19-03


Final Report: 19-03

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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