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Phytoremediation of Excessively High Phosphorus Soils and Subsequent Reduced Phosphorus Runoff into the North Bosque River

Project Goals/Objectives: The general objective of this project is to reduce surface water contamination in the north Bosque River from soil-applied phosphorus (P) of dairy manure origin. This goal will be achieved by documenting and demonstrating a measurable rate of P removal via forages from crop fields with histories of excessive dairy waste application; developing and testing easily established vegetative buffer strips that harvest or stabilize soil-P in surface water runoff moving from dairy waste application fields to streams, rivers or other drainages; modeling and demonstrating forage systems, first tier and second tier buffers to accurately predict maximum soil-P removal and stabilization rates (and, consequently, maximum tolerable additional dairy waste-P) for the soils in the North Bosque; and modeling the economics associated with implementation of the integrated approaches outlined above.

Project Location: North Bosque River, Segment 1225 and 1255

Project Costs: Federal ($238,859); Non-Federal Match ($172,182); Total Project ($411,041)

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB and Texas AgriLife Extension-Stephenville

Project Workplan: 04-10

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 04-10

 Final Report: 04-10

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