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TSSWCB Receives Over $3.7 Million from EPA to Address Water Quality Impairments

TEMPLE— The Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) recently received a $3,729,500 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The grant is leveraging an additional $2,486,334 in non-federal funds for a total of $6,215,834.

TSSWCB will utilize the funding to help address water quality impairments across Texas. Projects include implementing agricultural components of watershed protection plans for Plum Creek, Geronimo and Alligator Creeks, Attoyac Bayou, Arroyo Colorado and Mill Creek. In addition, the funds will provide educational and outreach opportunities for landowners to learn about feral hog management through the Lone Star Healthy Streams Program. 

“TSSWCB is proud to work with conservation partners and Soil and Water Conservation Districts to provide technical and financial assistance to landowners in impaired watersheds to implement conservation practices,” said Jana Lloyd, Nonpoint Source Management Program Project Manager.

Established by the Texas Legislature in 1939, the TSSWCB is governed by seven board members, all of which are actively involved in agriculture or silviculture. Five of the board members are voted in by a delegation of their local peers, and two board members are appointed by the Governor of Texas.

TSSWCB works in conjunction with local SWCDs across Texas to encourage the wise and productive use of natural resources. TSSWCB is the lead agency for planning, implementing, and managing coordinated natural resource conservation programs for preventing and abating agricultural and silvicultural nonpoint sources of water pollution. TSSWCB also works to ensure that the State’s network of over 2,000 flood control dams are protecting lives and property by providing operation, maintenance, and structural repair grants to local government sponsors.

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"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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