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Mathematical Model for the Dispersal of the Leaf Beetle for Biological Control of Invasive Saltcedar

Project Goals/Objectives: The goal of this project is to aid in implementing the Implementation Plan for Sulfate and Total Dissolved Solids (TMDLs) in the J.B. Thomas, E.V. Spence and O.H. Ivey Reservoirs by biological control of saltcedar in riparian areas along the Colorado River of Texas and its tributaries in an effort to reduce nonpoint source pollution loadings resulting from invasive brush species on agricultural lands. These goals will be met through the following tasks: Utilize a mathematical model to demonstrate and predict the rate of dispersal of the leaf beetle released at Lake J.B. Thomas and near Big Spring, TX; Coordinate biological control with other saltcedar control, revegetation, and wildlife programs; Promote project participation and public interest in the project; and Monitor the success of the leaf beetle using satellite imagery.

Project Location: E.V. Spence Reservoir, Segment 1411; Colorado River above Lake J.B. Thomas, Segment 1412

Project Costs: Federal ($136,724); Non-Federal Match ($0); Total Project ($136,724)

Project Participant(s): TSSWCB, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, and Texas AgriLife Research

Project Workplan: 04-15

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 04-15

Project Final Report: 04-15

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