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Recreational Use Attainability Analysis for One Waterbody in the Sulphur River Basin and One Waterbody in the Cyress Creek River Basin

Project Goals/Objectives: This project will collect data to evaluate factors affecting attainment of recreational use in White Oak Creek (0303B) and South Lilly (0409B). Possible sources of bacteria will be assessed by developing a comprehensive GIS inventory, evaluating historical water quality data, and conducting a watershed source survey. To ensure decision-making is founded on local input and that watershed action is successful, public participation and stakeholder interaction will be a critical component of this project

Project Background: Major revisions to the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards (TSWQS) were adopted by TCEQ in 2010 and approved by EPA in 2011, including modifications to contact recreation use and bacteria criteria. As part of this process, TCEQ developed procedures for conducting RUAAs. In order for a new category of recreational use or a different bacteria water quality criterion to be applied to a water body, an RUAA will need to be conducted. TCEQ and TSSWCB have collaborated on developing a list of priority water bodies for collecting information needed for RUAAs and the water bodies for this project (White Oak Creek and South Lilly Creek are on that list). Since primary contact recreation use is presumed for both water bodies in the study area, the findings from an RUAA will provide information to substantiate the level of recreational use actually occurring in the water bodies.

Project Location: White Oak Creek (0303B) is located in the north eastern region of Texas and crosses portions of Morris, Titus, Franklin, and Hopkins Counties. South Lilly Creek (0409B) is located in the Cypress Creek River Basin in the north eastern region of Texas crosses portions of Wood, Camp, and Upshur Counties.

Project Participation: TSSWCB, Texas Institute for Applied Enviornmental Research (TIAER)

Project Workplan16-60

Quality Assurance Project Plan16-60 QAPP 

Project Website:

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