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Implementing Agricultural NPS Management Measures of the Cedar Bayou and Double Bayou Watershed Protection Plans

Project Goals/Objectives: A comprehensive watershed approach focused on the most significant potential sources of NPS pollution contributing to the current impairments was used for WPP development. Recommended BMPs were identified for implementation by the Steering Committee, focus groups, and partner agencies. This project provides funding to support the implementation of recommended agricultural management measures identified for action in the WPP during the 10-year implementation schedule.

Project Location: Cedar Bayou, Double Bayou and their tributaries in Chambers, Harris and Liberty Counties.

Project Partners: TWRI, TSSWCB, LNRA

Total Costs: $157,164 (Federal); $0 (Non-Federal); $157,164 (Total)

Project Workplan:  21-07

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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