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HUB Plan

TSSWCB Historically Underutilized Business Plan

Pursuant to Government Code, Section 2161.123, each agency must prepare, and include as part of its Strategic Plan, a written plan for its use of historically underutilized businesses (HUBs) in purchasing and public works contracts.

HUB Mission
To encourage and effectively promote the utilization of HUBs by our agency and to report this to the TPASS Division of the Comptroller’s Office.

HUB Goal
The Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board participates in the Texas HUB Program for minority and women-owned businesses. Our goal is to provide maximum opportunity to HUB’s to participate in our agency’s procurement in the awarding of contracts and subcontracts.

HUB Objectives

  1. Report expenditures and payment information regarding HUB utilization during each fiscal year.
  2. To include historically underutilized businesses in at least 25 percent of the total value of contracts and subcontracts awarded annually by the agency in purchasing and public works contracting.
  3. Agency HUB Coordinator attend HUB forums and HUB Vendor Fairs.

HUB Strategy
The Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board encourages the use of HUB’s for any and all purchasing needs of our agency. We also encourage any and all contractors to use HUB’s as partners and subcontractors.

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