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Deer and Pond Creeks Continued Surface Water Quality Monitoring and Education Effectiveness

Due to a lack of water quality data available for Deer Creek and Pond Creek, additional surface water quality monitoring data is necessary to provide a good foundation for future watershed planning and implementation activities. TWRI has been working to acquire and summarize existing surface water quality data from the watershed through monthly water quality monitoring at sites identified from site recon and the QAPP. New data will be submitted to SWQMIS and summarized in the project final report to evaluate water quality trends. Additionally, TWRI has been working with stakeholders within the project watersheds to get on-the-ground implementation of agricultural BMPs. As such, it is estimated  that this project will repeatedly put best practice information directly in the hands of high priority landowners that may otherwise not attend existing workshops, meetings or information sessions.

Project Location: Falls, McLennan, Milam, and Bell counties

Project Costs: $130,831

Project Partners: TSSWCB, Texas A&M Agrilife Research, TWRI

Project Workplan: 22-51

Project QAPP: 22-51

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