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Continuous Water Quality Monitoring and Dissolved Oxygen Modeling in the Pecos River

Project Goals/Objectives: There are two main objectives to the project with the first objective is to facilitate the construction, installation, monitoring and maintenance of a CWQM station on the Pecos River near Girvin, TX. The station will be incorporated into TCEQ’s CWQM network and will provide critical data for evaluating management practice implementation activities associated with the Pecos River WPP. This site will continuously monitor DO, temperature, pH and specific conductance using the same type equipment that the other 5 stations in the watershed utilize. TDS will be calculated from the measured specific conductance (SC*0.65=TDS).

DO modeling is the second objective of this project and will be conducted by TIAER to identify the sources of pollution that influence DO levels in the Pecos River and have led to the current DO impairment in its upper reaches. Currently available data (streamflow, water quality, water rights withdrawals, and wastewater treatment facility discharges, etc.) will be utilized in this evaluation. The primary goals of the modeling exercise are to 1) identify the sources of pollution causing the DO impairment in Segment 2311 and examine DO dynamics in Segment 2310, 2) develop an estimate of load reductions, for each pollutant, needed to achieve water quality restoration, 3) evaluate BMPs and their ability to reduce pollutant loadings from identified sources affecting DO levels and 4) recommend a suite of BMPs, based on those in the Pecos River WPP, to be implemented throughout the watershed that will effectively lead to the restoration of water quality (DO).

Project Location: Pecos River Watershed in Crane, Crockett, Loving, Pecos, Reeves, Terrell and Ward Counties

Project Costs: Federal ($224,826) Non-Federal ($152,050) Total ($376,876)

Project Participants: Texas Water Resources Institute (TWRI), Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research at Tarleton State University (TIAER)

Project Website:

Project Workplan: 09-08

Quality Assurance Project Plan: 09-08

Final Report: 09-08

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