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Continued Surface Water Quality Monitoring for Middle Yegua Creek, Davidson Creek, and Deer Creek Watersheds


Project Goals/Objectives: To supplement existing data and attempt to fill data gaps and improve analysis, additional water quality will be collected at 8 sites monthly (2 sites in the Deer Creek watershed and 3 sites in each of the Middle Yegua Creek and Davidson Creek watersheds). Flow data will be collected as well at the Middle Yegua Creek and Davidson Creek sites. This additional surface water quality monitoring data will be used to update loading reductions in the Middle Yegua, Davidson, and Deer Creeks Characterization Report. 

Project Location: Davidson Creek watershed in Milam and Burleson counties; Middle Yegua Creek watershed in Lee, Bastrop, Williamson, and Milam counties; Deer Creek watershed in Falls, McLennan, and Bell counties

Project Costs: $127,485 

Project Partners: TSSWCB, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, TWRI

Project Workplan: 20-54

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