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Characterizing the Kickapoo Creek in Henderson County Watershed

The Kickapoo Creek Watershed in Henderson County covers about 178,000 acres and is primarily rural with hay or pasture production used for cattle as the dominant land cover followed by a variety of forested vegetation. Only five percent of the watershed is developed land representing the cities of Murchison, Edom and Brownsboro.

kickapoo watershed map.PNG

 The bacterial impairment of Kickapoo Creek in Henderson County is classified 5b indicating that a review of the standards associated with the impairment is needed prior to selecting a management strategy. As part of this review, a recreational use attainability analysis (RUAA) was conducted on Kickapoo Creek by Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research (TIAER) to document any recreation on the creek. According to the findings of the RUAA, TCEQ did not recommend a change in standards, therefore a characterization will be conducted to fully assess and identify potential causes and sources of pollution. 

Stakeholder involvement and understanding of water quality is needed to determine the best route for addressing the impairments in the watershed.

Project: 19-50

Project QAPP: 19-50

Final Report


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