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Development of the Lower Nueces River Watershed Protection Plan

Project Goals/Objectives:  Develope a Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) for the Lower Nueces River Watershed (segment 2101) through establishing and providing direction for a stakeholder group that will serve as  decision-making body, identifying analyzing spatial and temporal patterns in watershed data; and increasing education among targeted audience.

Project Background: The Choke Canon Reservior/ Lake Corpus Christi Reservior System supplies water for municipal and industrial use in the Coastal Bend area of South Texas. The City of Corpus Christi is the primary water supplier. Neary one half million people relyn this source for their drinking water supply. The water is released from Lake Corpus Christi and delivered to water treatment plants downstream via the Nueces River below Lake Corpus Christi (segment 2102). The segment forms the county line between Jim Wells and San Patricio Counties and between Nueces and San Patricio Counties.

The upper 30 miles or so of the river segment flows primarily through rural ranch and farm lands. Several small communites; the City of San Patricio and River Estates in San Patricio County and Sandy Hollow in Nueces County; rely on OSSFs for wasterwater disposal. Sediment loading frm cropland and other land uses is a concern for this area, primarily for the Cityof Corpus Christi from treatment and drinking water standards. Excess nutrients from farm land and bacteria from failing septic systems may also contribute to water quality degradation.

Project Location: Nueces River Watershed Below Lake Corpus Christi and above Tidal Boundary in Jim Wells, Nueces, and San Patricio Counties


Project Costs: Federal ($ 309,727); Non-Federal Match ($ 248, 968); Total Project ($ 558,695)

Project Participation: Nueces River Authority, City of Corpus Christi, Texas AgriLife Extension Service- Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Nueces River Watershed Parternship 

Project Workplan: 12-05

QAPP: OSSF Inventory QAPP 

            Modeling QAPP 

            Water Hyacinth QAPP    

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