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Coordinated Implementation of Matagorda Basin Watershed Protection Plans

Project Goals/Objectives: Through this project, TWRI will develop an education and outreach campaign that follows a curriculum-building approach that has been proven successful in classrooms and focuses on select management measures each year of the project. In the first year, management measures related to general watershed education will be the main focus. Each subsequent year, TWRI will build on the momentum developed during the previous year but begin a new campaign for an additional management measure, while reinforcing topics addressed in the previous years. This trend will continue with the anticipation of gaining more public support than what has been generated thus far. By creating a focused, structured implementation plan beginning with broad, introductory watershed education then targeting specific topics systematically, watershed coordinators and partners can concentrate their efforts on each measure while enhancing foundational knowledge in local residents and building confidence to take ownership of implementation. 

Project Location: Lavaca River Watershed, Tres Palacios Creek Watershed, and Carancahua Bay Watershed in the Matagorda Basin 

Project Partners: TWRI, TSSWCB, LNRA

Total Costs: $402,500 (Federal); $268,334 (Non-Federal); $670,834 (Total)

Project Workplan:21-13

"Protecting and Enhancing Natural Resources since 1939."

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