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The Wildlife Alliance for Youth

About The Wildlife Alliance For Youth

Tree PlantingThe Wildlife Alliance for Youth (WAY) contests offer opportunities for 4-H and FFA students to display their knowledge of the outdoors, while offering scholarships to contest winners. It is a wonderful way for students to become involved in conservation and obtain an appreciation for wildlife.

About The Contests

Agricultural science students who compete in the WAY contests, first acquire the foundational knowledge and skills for this event through the Agriscience 381 - Wildlife and Recreation Curriculum. The WAY contests address the following nine subject areas in Wildlife and Recreation Management: Wildlife Plant Identification; Wildlife Plant Preferences; Wildlife Biological Facts; Wildlife Habitat; Habitat Management; Game Laws; Hunter and Boater Safety; Compass and Pacing; and Identification Techniques. Students should have an understanding of these subject areas before they compete.

Contest Locations

The WAY contests are held in the five Texas State Soil and Water Conservation areas. Area IV (East Texas) holds their contest in November, which is the only contest held in the Fall. Area V (North Central) holds their contest in March and Areas I (Panhandle), II (West Texas) and III (South Texas) hold their contests in April. Each team is certified to the area level by their local SWCD. The WAY State Contest is held each May in a different area.

Supporting Organizations

Tree PlantingThe TSSWCB is the lead agency in sponsoring and organizing the contests. The Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and the Texas Education Agency, along with local soil and water conservation districts (SWCD), all partner in the success of the youth organization.

For More Information

For more information on the WAY Contests, visit with your local agriculture science teacher or contact the TSSWCB Public Information and Education Department at cgottschalk [at]